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Case Study: Twp. of Deptford v. Deptford Commons

When Amazon.com comes to town, most cities welcome them with open arms, dreaming of all the jobs it will bring and the boon to the local economy. But some townships worry about the adverse effects Amazon warehouses or shipping centers might have on the neighborhood and the aesthetics and quality of life of the residents. This case study involves the latter case. The township  of Deptford, New Jersey, gave Amazon a hard time when it sought to open a shipping center, refusing to grant it the permits and variances it needed to operate. After Amazon gave up and withdrew, the would-be landlord of the Amazon center was left holding the bag. It sued the township, arguing that the enforcement of its zoning laws and essentially expelling Amazon constituted a "taking" under the Fifth Amendment, requiring compensation. For good measure, the plaintiff added allegations of improper process by the township, alleging violations of state law and the Due Process rights of the land owner. This case study analyzes the case, standards and arguments made by the plaintiff and rejected by the court.

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