Question 1

Roger was named the executor of his father Luis' will. Coupled with the demands of his job as a deputy sheriff, Roger found the task of being a personal representative to be too time consuming. As such, Roger relinquished his duties to his cousin, Kurt. Roger's action was permissible.

Question 2

Harold was appointed the executor of his deceased brother Ned's estate. Harold was the sole beneficiary of Ned's estate. Ned owned a small roofing business, in addition to a personal residence and other personal property. Ned was divorced and had no children. While administering the estate, Harold took possession of the residence, personal property and ran the business. Which of these actions violate his appointment?

Question 3

Benoit was a 62-year-old widower when he died three months ago. He was survived by two sisters, Peggy and Dalia. They both searched his home but could not find a will. Subsequently, Peggy was appointed as the administrator of the estate. When Peggy cleared out Benoit's safe deposit box (at the time of his death she did not know he had one), she found a will. The will named Dalia as the executor of his estate. Despite this discovery, Peggy keeps her appointment

Question 4

Dominic was the executor of his sister's estate. His sister, Kim, owned several rental properties. During the time of administration, the contract with the management company came up for renewal. In renewing the contract, Dominic signed the contract: "Dominic Taylor, executor." Dominic is NOT personally liable on the contract.