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Question 1

Zachary was a sports enthusiast. In high school, he played on the school's baseball team. To promote his interest, Zachary established a trust to specifically support the efforts of his former high school's baseball team. Due to budget cuts, five years after the trust was established (and two years after Zachary's death), the school eliminated the baseball team. Another high school on the other side of town still had an active baseball team. The court would:

Question 2

Clifford was a resident of Marin County (the most affluent county in the San Francisco Bay Area), CA when he died. The trust he established directed that his assets be used to provide care for the needy in Marin County, in addition to other nonprofit charitable, religious or educational purposes in that county. A windfall was bestowed on the trust, causing its assets to mushroom to $300 million (from $9 million). Other counties petitioned the court to be able to tap into the surplus funds. The court would: