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Question 1

If a work is "in the public domain," then:

Question 2

Early on New Year's Eve, 1977, Raul Simon writes a song which he intends to perform at the stroke of midnight. Copyrights for this song are:

Question 3

In 1980, Joan writes a book title 'My Life & Crimes: A True Fictional Story.' Two years later she dies while doing research for her next book, 'Crime in the City: How Bad Could it Be?' The initial copyright term for her first book will expire:

Question 4

In 1985, a book titled "Joan's Crimes Leading to Her Death, as I Knew Them", is published and begins appearing in bookstores. The work was written anonymously. The initial copyright term will expire:

Question 5

One difference between copyright terms under the 1909 Act and the 1976 Act is:

Question 6

Poor Man's Copyright is:

Question 7

The transfer of copyrights is authorized by: