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Question 1

Inspired by his political science class, in 2015, Jonathan, an 18-year-old first year college student from New York, has decided to run for the United States House of Representatives for the term beginning 2016 to become a Representative from New York. May he be elected?

Question 2

Peter was born in Ireland in 1980. Because his father became employed with a United States company, Peter and his family moved to the United States in 1993. Peter graduated from high school, attended a top tier university, and is now, in 2014, a noted legal scholar and professor with a prestigious law school. In 2010, Peter became a citizen of the United States. Peter has dreamed of becoming a United States Senator and now wishes to become United States Senator for New York, in which he currently resides. May Peter pursue his dream?

Question 3

A United States Supreme Court Justice has died, leaving one vacancy on the bench. The United States Congress has convened and has selected the Mayor of New York City to be the next Justice. Is this constitutional?

Question 4

The President of the United States has written a law prohibiting every United States citizen from owning a dog. The United States Supreme Court has been asked to decide whether such action is constitutional. How will the Supreme Court rule?