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Question 1

The Statute of Monopolies was significant because:

Question 2

Intellectual Property law is:

Question 3

A reason that the Constitution gave the federal government power over the field of intellectual property law is that:

Question 4

Ben and Jerry seek to patent the method of creating a new flavor of ice cream, called 'Vermontberry Crunch'. However, Vermont, the state in which Ben and Jerry live, has a law that prevents the patenting of the method for creating ice cream flavors, as its legislature has determined that anything that can restrict other people from making delicious ice cream is against public policy. If Ben and Jerry challenge this law, the law will probably be?

Question 5

Jane operates a website that is devoted to providing viewers with information about space and expeditions to space made by astronauts. Space Out, Inc., is a private company that builds space ships and, for a very large fee, will bring its customer on a journey to outer space and back (hopefully). One day, when Space Out is launching one of these tourist ships, Jane videotapes the launch (from public property) and posts information about the status of the flight (which she gets legally) on her website every hour. She charges a subscription fee for people to be able to access the portion of her site on which this information is posted. If Space Out sues Jane for misappropriation of is intellectual property because she is using their flight for her profit, Space Out will likely...