Question 1

The Federal Rules of Civil Procedure's joinder rules for parties provide:

Question 2

In order to bring compulsory joinder, which of the following must be present in the facts?

Question 3

Stephanie was playing softball on a sunny Sunday afternoon when she was struck on the back of the head with a bat. After she regained consciousness, she learned that Donny had been the person who struck her. However, Donny argues that he would not have struck Stephanie had Tom not tripped him, causing him to swing the bat carelessly and strike her. Stephanie brings a lawsuit against Donny. Donny, arguing that he was not totally responsible for her injuries, consults her attorney for the best way to bring Tom into the lawsuit?

Question 4

Caroline dies, leaving an insurance policy. The proceeds of the policy are supposed to go to Thomas, her husband, but he predeceased her. Caroline had no children, but had two sisters, Myra and Teresa. They each claimed individually that the proceeds should belong to them and would not be shared. How should the insurance company proceed?

Question 5

Sara owns an heirloom locket that was stolen during a robbery. The locket was stolen by Robert, who later sold the locket at a pawnshop. The pawnshop then sold the locket to Mark, who gave it to his girlfriend Tanya for her birthday. In exchange for the locket, Mark gave the pawn shop what he told them was a diamond. However, when the pawnshop owner checked, the diamond was actually cubic zirconium. The pawnshop owner brought a lawsuit against Mark for the return of the locket or monetary relief. Sara finds out about the locket and consults an attorney to find out what she can do to retrieve the locket. Sara should: