Regulation of Online Financial Transactions - Module 5 of 5

Question 1

Many of the security measures undertaken in the financial industry are created and enforced by the ____________, which is not a government agency.

Question 2

____________ Rules are federal regulations enforced by the Federal Trade Commission to help ensure electronic transactions are performed safely and securely.

Question 3

_____________Act, enacted in 1999, addresses privacy issues and applies to e-commerce transactions.

Question 4

What federal agency is primarily responsible for the administration of the Financial Services Modernization Act?

Question 5

The Payment Card Industry’s chip-card policy shifted liability from the credit or debit card company to the ________________.

Question 6

_________Act prohibits financial institutions from sharing NPI to third parties for marketing purposes, subject to limited exceptions.

Question 7

According to the FTC, a Red Flag is any suspicious pattern, practice, or specific activity that indicates possible _____________.

Question 8

Which of the following is NOT required for covered businesses to comply with the Red Flag Rules?

Question 9

Under the__________________, gambling businesses may not accept payments associated with a wager using the internet if the wager itself is unlawful under any federal or state law.

Question 10

The __________________ treats cryptocurrencies like securities, but the ______________________ has defined virtual currencies as “commodities”