Real Estate Ownership & Property Rights-Module 4 of 5

Question 1

A ___________ is written instrument that officially conveys a piece of real property from one owner to another.

Question 2

______________ is a common way to convey a piece of property when the current owner cannot make any guarantees regarding the validity of the property's title.

Question 3

A __________ is used to convey real estate when the person selling or gifting the land can make two specific guarantees regarding the chain of title on the property.

Question 4

The reason why some deeds convey property without any guarantee that the current owner has legal title to the property is related to the property’s________ _.

Question 5

If a property owner keeps his land, but sells his mineral rights, he has created a ___________.

Question 6

Under a system of ___________ , the person who uses the water first has a superior claim and anyone else who needs access to the lake or river must get in line

Question 7

Which of the following best summarizes a property owner’s rights to use and enjoy his or her land?

Question 8

_____________ allow neighboring landowners access to direct sunlight.

Question 9

Which one of the following is true about airspace rights?

Question 10

Landowners have a right to exclude all others from the use and occupation of property, EXCEPT