Post-Judgement Collections - Module 5 of 5

Question 1

The party that wins a money judgment is the:

Question 2

A court can garnish up to what percentage of a consumer judgment debtor’s income?

Question 3

A bank levy is a:

Question 4

The judgment creditor obtains a wage garnishment order by:

Question 5

The IRS can garnish what percentage of a person’s Social Security payments?

Question 6

Dunning letters are under the jurisdiction of:

Question 7

An equitable solution to attach interest in property that cannot be reqached by other means is called a:

Question 8

A lien against all real property of the judgment debtor is called a:

Question 9

A judgment debtor in one state owns property in a second state. The second state has not signed the Uniform Enforcement of Foreign Judgments Act. In order to enforce the judgment against property in the second state, the judgment creditor must:

Question 10

In most states, a judgment lien will last: