Legal & Business Issues: Module 1 of 5

Question 1

What are lawyers and other industry professional mean by the term “M&A”?

Question 2

Why are the key strategic reasons for merging with another company?

Question 3

The reasons behind some company’s becoming undervalued is due to:

Question 4

The AOL Time Warner merger is considered an example of which of the following:

Question 5

Which of the following statements is true concerning federal laws that apply to mergers and acquisition by public companies:

Question 6

Which US law is one of the earliest to address antitrust problems?

Question 7

Who are some of the key “players” involved in the US merger & acquisition business?

Question 8

A “friendly” merger is characterized by:

Question 9

Investment bankers are considered crucial to management because:

Question 10

The 1980’s wave of mergers and acquisitions is popularly referred to as the: