Introduction to Alternative Dispute Resolution - Module 1 of 5

Question 1

Which method of ADR is the most informal?

Question 2

The main goal of facilitation is to:

Question 3

The federal legislation that authorizes the use of arbitration as an alternative to litigation is the:

Question 4

Grounds for appealing an arbitration decision include all of the following, except:

Question 5

Which form of ADR guides participants through the negotiations of reaching their own mutual agreement:

Question 6

This legislation was enacted to create national standards for arbitration proceedings:

Question 7

In this type of ADR, a current or retired judge from within the jurisdiction of the dispute meets with each party in an effort to reach an agreement:

Question 8

Court systems across the country have embraced the utilization of ADR because it:

Question 9

ADR became a standard tool for employment disputes with the addition of what agency to the federal government:

Question 10

This type of ADR is commonly used in the resolution of international disputes between governments.