Hostile Takeovers - Module 3 of 5

Question 1

The use of a Poison Pill by the Board of Directors of a target company will have the following effect on the Hostile takeover acquirer.

Question 2

In a hostile takeover, the board and management of the target firms will usually encourage a “bear hug” under the following conditions.

Question 3

Activists shareholders or investors may decide to launch hostile takeover when:

Question 4

The Williams Act governs:

Question 5

In hostile takeover activities involving US companies, the Securities Acts of 1933 and 1934 are:

Question 6

The following are characteristic of the Market Model of corporate governance, except:

Question 7

Under what US law must a tender offer remain open for at least 20 days?

Question 8

Under what US law must an investor report to the government that he has acquired 5% or more in a publicly held company?

Question 9

The “White Knight” defense to an attempted hostile takeover is best employed at what point:

Question 10

Hostile takeovers are usually born under the following conditions, except: