Hearsay - Module 6 of 6

Question 1

The hearsay rule is _________ and subject to ____________.

Question 2

The declarant is the person ______________.

Question 3

For purposes of Rule 801, a statement is ALWAYS verbal.

Question 4

If a statement is offered to ____________ or for its effect on the listener, it’s not hearsay.

Question 5

_________________________, defined as when either party may introduce evidence of a statement by the opponent, is not hearsay.

Question 6

Which of the following is an exception to the hearsay rule?

Question 7

When a prosecutor introduces the content from a police report, that information is classified as which of the following exceptions to the hearsay rule?

Question 8

_____ and reputation testimony allowed under Rule 404 is also exempted from the hearsay rules.

Question 9

For a statement to qualify as a dying declaration, the statement must have been made at a time that the declarant ____________________.

Question 10

When hearsay is admitted, can the opposing side impeach the declarant in the same manner that other witnesses may be impeached?