Federal Laws and Agencies- Module 3 of 5

Question 1

The first federal agency to have jurisdiction over debt collectors was the:

Question 2

A “creditor” under the Fair Credit Reporting Act can also be called a:

Question 3

A creditor under the Fair Credit Reporting Act must fulfill the following duties except:

Question 4

One of these is not a credit reporting agency:

Question 5

The Fair Debt Collections Practices Act protects:

Question 6

Penalties assessed by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau can be paid:

Question 7

This agency has a public database of complaints on its website:

Question 8

Creditors under the Fair Credit Reporting Act can have damages assessed to them in a civil suit of the amount of actual damages plus:

Question 9

Debt collectors are prohibited from:

Question 10

The creditor is required to give the debtor information about the debt within how long of the initial contact?