Facilitation and Settlement Conferences - Module 2 of 5

Question 1

The purpose of facilitation is to:

Question 2

Facilitation is useful in situations where:

Question 3

The facilitation process where a series of votes is used to reduce a wide range of options down to a limited number is called:

Question 4

In order to be enforceable, a settlement agreement should include:

Question 5

Courts often mandate settlement conferences in all of the following cases, except:

Question 6

In order to move a settlement conference along, the judge may:

Question 7

The facilitation process where the goal is to find an idea that all group members are willing to accept as the best approach for the group as a whole is called:

Question 8

A settlement conference is a type of ADR where the following may occur:

Question 9

If a settlement conference is held and proves unsuccessful at reaching an agreement:

Question 10

The general types of facilitation involve: