Drinking Water and Aquatic Resource Protection - Module 3 of 5

Question 1

As we know it today, the Clean Water Act was established in what year?

Question 2

The first major surface water pollution prevention law, the Federal Water Pollution Control Act, was passed in what year?

Question 3

The Clean Water Act addresses water pollution by regulating the ______________ of pollutants into the territorial waters of the United States.

Question 4

What federal agency is responsible for administering the Clean Water Act, as well as most other major federal environmental laws?

Question 5

What key part of the Clean Water Act organizes enforces the law’s prohibition on direct discharges of water pollution?

Question 6

A/an ________ is a discrete conveyance, such as a pipe, a man-made ditch, and certain types of agricultural and industrial facilities through which regulated pollutants are discharged directly into a surface water.

Question 7

The Environmental Protection Agency and the Army Corps of Engineers are both responsible for implementation of the portion of the Clean Water Act pertaining to what activity?

Question 8

Which federal law protects the quality of drinking water in the United States?

Question 9

When did the Safe Drinking Water Act become a federal law?

Question 10

__________ pollutants have been identified by the Environmental Protection Agency, which regulates them directly on account of their toxicity, persistence, degradability, and the potential presence of affected organisms.