Consideration- Module 3 of 5

Question 1

Bob promises his son $500.00 if he refrains from riding a motorcycle until he reaches the age of 21. Is this valid consideration?

Question 2

As a condition of employment, Sally was required to sign an arbitration agreement. Under the agreement her employer could change, delete, modify, or add to the arbitration agreement at any time. Is this valid consideration?

Question 3

Kyle promises to mow his parent’s lawn. His parents promise to pay him one hundred dollars. Is this valid consideration?

Question 4

Requirement contracts and output contracts are:

Question 5

If a customer marks a check paid in full, but the amount owed is larger than what the customer has paid, are they still obligated to pay the outstanding balance?

Question 6

John offers to buy Brianna’s luxury vehicle for $50.00. Is $50.00 valid consideration?

Question 7

In a requirement contract the seller:

Question 8

In an output contract:

Question 9

The school district contracted with certain teachers to work for a set amount of money for each school year. The teachers all go on strike demanding to be paid a higher salary. If the school district agrees, is the contract enforceable?

Question 10

Kyle becomes very sick at school and is rushed to the hospital. The hospital cures Kyle of a deadly disease that would have killed Kyle. Kyle’s father, overcome with thankfulness, says he will pay the doctor for Kyle’s treatment. Is this a valid contract?