Air Pollution Prevention Under the Clean Air Act - Module 2 of 5

Question 1

Congress passed America’s first federal law directly addressing air pollution in what year?

Question 2

Congress passed _____________________ in 1965, and this law set standards for controlling automobile pollution emissions.

Question 3

Which major amendment to the Clean Air Act expanded federal authority to regulate transboundary air pollution between states?

Question 4

The Clean Air Act Amendments of ______ established the basis for modern air pollution control, prevention, and remediation law in the United States.

Question 5

The Clean Air Act Amendments of ______ specifically addressed the challenges of acid rain, ozone depletion, and toxic air pollution.

Question 6

As of 2018, the criteria air pollutants recognized by the EPA include all the following EXCEPT

Question 7

The Clean Air Act requires the EPA to set the_________, known by a popular acronym, for criteria air pollutants, which are considered harmful to the public’s health and the health of our ecosystems.

Question 8

What company famously pled guilty to three felonies committed while carrying out a scheme designed to cheat air pollution tests required by the Clean Air Act, resulting in the imposition of record-breaking fines and penalties?

Question 9

Recent studies have shown that the policies created and enforced by the Clean Air Act have resulted in a meaningful drop in ground-level ozone, which is a component of ___________.

Question 10

After the case of ____________________, in 2009 the EPA issued a finding that greenhouse gas emissions were endangering the public health and welfare and sought to limit those emissions from motor vehicles.