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Question 1

Jacqueline, who is 21 years old, is pregnant with her sixth child. Her first child died unexpectedly at birth. Her third child was killed in a car accident because he was not being adequately supervised. The other three children have been in and out of foster care for years because she is usually too preoccupied to properly take care of them. This baby's father is in prison for armed robbery. If the state wants to terminate Jacqueline's parental rights to allow another couple to adopt the baby, what ground would it likely use in this case?

Question 2

Felicia has been out of work for six months. As a result, she lost her apartment. Since she had nowhere to go, she allowed her four kids to be put into foster care. After a year, her kids were still in foster care; she was forced to live in shelters. Another family is interested in adopting Felicia's youngest child. In an attempt to get her kids back, she reconnected with her parents, who live in another state. Who should gain custody of this youngest child?