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Question 1

Ken and Barbie live in Philadelphia, PA. On Valentine's Day, Ken gives Barbie a diamond ring, while simultaneously proposing to her. Barbie's acceptance of the ring creates:

Question 2

Janet and Oscar have been engaged for six years. After much cajoling, Oscar finally agrees to a wedding date. They plan an elaborate wedding for 200 guests. A week before the wedding, Oscar gets cold feet and calls it off. Janet sues Oscar for her loss. What item can she NOT recover?

Question 3

Iris and Gary were engaged a year ago. During this period they have been busy planning a big wedding. Unbeknownst to Iris, Gary was already married. She found out about his marital status two weeks before the wedding. She wanted to sue Gary for the $15,000 she and her family had paid for the wedding. They live in a jurisdiction that requires written contracts to enforce a breach of a promise to marry. Nevertheless, her suit will be successful.

Question 4

Blake and Wanda simultaneously got engaged and bought a house together nine months ago. Instead of their relationship growing stronger during this period, they grew apart. Finally, they separated last month. Wanda moved out of the home they shared. She wants to be reimbursed for her half of the property. Blake refuses to comply with her request so she takes him to court. They live in a jurisdiction that requires written contracts to enforce a breach of promise to marry. What will the court decide?