Question 1

Tommy, the copy shop manager in BigCo's office tower, got wind of the fact that the company was engaged in a big transaction when he photocopied a bunch of material associated with the deal. Acting on this knowledge, Tommy went out and traded BigCo's securities and made a huge profit. Tommy is guilty of committing:

Question 2

George has been found guilty of insider trading through a violation of Rule 10b-5. At his trial, the judge requires that he pay a civil fine and:

Question 3

Saul is a senior officer at XY Co. and has recently received some good news from the company's sales department. The company is just about to close on a major deal that will net the company huge profits over the next several years. Saul had been thinking about buying more shares in the firm. While he would like to reap the benefits of the new contract's effect on shares, he is concerned about the insider trading laws. Saul would be best advised if he:

Question 4

An attorney for the SEC is pursuing an insider trading case against a director of Oops, Inc. She reads Section 16b of the 1933 Act and feels that might be a good way of filing her case. If she is right, then the director in question must: