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Question 1

When looking for case law in the process of researching case law for an intellectual property issue, a good place to find binding case law is...

Question 2

George invents the 'annoying ray', which, when properly used, emits a ray of light that instantly annoys anyone who sees it. George applies to the USPTO for patent protection for the process under which the annoying ray is developed. The USPTO denies his application on the ground that the invention is not useful. How should George go about challenging this decision, if he wants to do so?

Question 3

The Library of Congress serves which of the following functions?

Question 4

In 2016, the President of the United States makes an agreement with the President of Mexico that, henceforth, all American patents will be binding in Mexican courts and all Mexican patents will be binding in American courts. In 2017, Congress passes a law stating that foreign patents cannot be enforced in federal courts. Which of these two controls?