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Question 1

Aidan left his wife Anita in their marital home in Indiana, moved to Michigan, established domicile and obtained a divorce which denied her alimony. Although notified by mail, Anita refused to appear. Since Michigan did not have personal jurisdiction over Anita, how will Indiana treat the Michigan divorce decree?

Question 2

Al and Peggy are unhappily married. Peggy leaves Al and moves to New Jersey, a state that neither Al nor Peggy had visited before, taking along Al's beloved cat Meow. Peggy initiates divorce proceedings against Al in New Jersey. Al drives all the way to New Jersey only to retrieve Meow. While Al is there, he is served with process. Can the New Jersey court obtain jurisdiction over Al?

Question 3

AJ is being sued for divorce by his wife Shannon in Texas. Both made personal appearances in court. AJ, who lives in California, wishes to collaterally attack the Texas divorce decree in California on the ground that the Texas court lacked personal jurisdiction over him. AJ's collateral attack in California will be successful.

Question 4

Lefty and Vanessa agreed to fly to Mexico to obtain a quickie divorce. To save Vanessa some money, Lefty had her sign the appropriate paperwork, but obtained the divorce in Mexico alone. Lefty and Vanessa now wish to have a Connecticut court give full faith and credit to their Mexican divorce. What will the court do?