Research Index

Safe Drinking Water Act, EPA Regulation of Contaminants
Sarbanes-Oxley Act, Effect on Obstruction of Justice
Scheduled Injuries, Compensation for, Factors
Scheduled Injuries, Workers’ Compensation
Schedules, Contracts
Scienter, Element of Insider Trading
Scienter, Element of Securities Fraud
Search Warrant Requirement Abandoned Property Exception
Search Warrant Requirement Exigent Circumstances Exception
Search Warrant Requirement, Inventory Search Exception
Search Warrant Requirement, Search Incident to a Lawful Arrest Exception
Search Warrant Requirement, Stop And Frisk Exception
Section 1001, Federal Criminal Code
Section 1983 Requirement of Constitutional Right Violation
Securities Act of 1933, Acquisition of Privately Held Companies, Private Placement Offering
Securities Exchange Act of 1934, Purposes
Securities Fraud Lawsuit, Time Limitations
Securities Fraud, History and Overview
Securities Fraud, Prohibition by Securities Acts
Securities Fraud, Rule 10-b-5
Securities Investor Protection Act, Bankruptcy Protections
Securities Laws, Federal
Securities Offerings, Non-Public, SEC Requirements
Securities Regulation, Scope of
Security Clearance Documents, Application of Criminal Law to
Security Standards Council, Role in Protecting Payment Security
Security, Element of Insider Trading
Self Defense, Castle Doctrine, Intentional Torts
Self Defense, Duty to Retreat
Self Defense, Stand Your Ground Rule, Intentional Torts
Self-Settled Supplemental Needs Trust
Sentencing Enhancements, Fraud Cases
Service of Process, Proof of Service
Servicemembers Civil Relief Act, Bankruptcy Protections
Severance Benefits, Exit Incentive Programs
Sherman Antitrust Act, Prohibition of Monopolies
Sherman Antitrust Act, Unreasonable Restraint of Competition
Simple Trust
Sixteenth Amendment, US Constitution
Social Security Appeal Representation, Limits on Fees
Social Security Appeal, Administrative Law Judge Hearing
Social Security Benefits, Children’s Eligibility
Social Security Disability Insurance, Eligibility
Social Security Disability Insurance, Payment of Benefit
Social Security Number, Application for by Non-US Citizen
Social Security Payments, Garnishments for Child and Spousal Support
Social Security Retirement Benefits, Calculation of
Social Security Spousal Benefits, Divorces Spouse
Social Security and Unemployment Insurance for Employees and Independent Contractors
Sound Mind, Requirement of (Wills)
Spam Email, Regulation of
Special Errand Rule, Worker’s Compensation
Special Meetings, Board of Directors, Corporation
Specific Bequest, Will Provision
Specific Injuries, Coverage under Worker’s Compensation
Specific Performance, for Breach of Contract
Spendthrift Trust, Self-Settled
Spousal Support Community Property States
Spousal Support Payments
Spousal Support, Calculation of
Spousal Support, Definition
Spousal Support, For a Fixed Period
Spousal Support, Lump Sum
Spousal Support, Modification of
Spousal Support, Permanent
Spousal Support, Rehabilitative
Spousal Support, Reimbursement
Spousal Support, Temporary
Spousal Support, Termination of
Spousal Support, in Common Law Marriages
Sprinkling Trust
Spyware, Regulation of
Standard of Care, Average Practitioner Standard
Standard of Care, Error in Judgment Rule
Standard of Care, Reasonable Practitioner Standard
Standard of Care, Respected Minority Defense
Standard of Review, Evidentiary Ruling, Clearly Erroneous Standard
Standard of Review, Evidentiary Ruling, De Novo Review
State Sovereign Immunity, Abrogation by Federal Government
State Sovereign Immunity, Abrogation under Fourteenth Amendment
Statement of Organizational Purpose, Non-Profit Status
Statute of Frauds, Application to Real Estate Sales
Statute of Limitations, Workers’ Compensation Claim
Step-up in Cost Basis
Strict Liability Standard, Manufacturing Defect
Strict Liability, Employer, for Employee’s Actions
Strict Liability, Manufacturing Defect Overview
Strict Liability, in Securities Law
Subminimum Wage, Agricultural Workers
Subminimum Wage, Employees Under the Age of 20
Subminimum Wage, Employees with Disabilities
Subpoena, Civil Discovery
Subsequent Injury Funds, Workers’ Compensation
Support Obligations, State Enforcement of
Supreme Court of The United States, Procedure
Supreme Court of the United States, Emergency Application
Supreme Court of the United States, Jurisdiction