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Parental Kidnapping Prevention Act
Partial Payment Check Rule, Contract Consideration
Partnership Income Tax Return (Form 1065)
Partnership Income Tax Return, Schedule K and K-1
Partnership, Default Rules, Revised UPA
Partnership, Default Rules, UPA
Partnerships, Law Affecting Governing Agreements, Overview
Pass-Through Taxation, Partnership
Payable on Death Account
Payments, Online, Reporting Requirements
Percentage of Income Model, Child Support
Perfection of Security Interest, Automatic Perfection
Perfection of Security Interest, by Control, Proof of
Perfection of Security Interest, by Filing Financing Statement
Perfection of Security Interest, by Possession, Proof of
Perfection of Security Interest, in Investment Instruments
Permanent Disability Benefits, Workers’ Compensation
Permanent Partial Disability Benefits, Non-Scheduled
Permanent Partial Disability Benefits, Scheduled
Permanent Partial Disability Benefits, Workers’ Compensation
Permanent Total Disability Benefits, Limits
Permanent Total Disability Benefits, Rate of Payment
Permanent Total Disability Benefits, Workers’ Compensation
Personal Representative, Appointment of
Personal Representative, Entitlement to Compensation
Physical or Mental Examination, Examiner
Physical or Mental Examination, Examiner, Credentials
Physical or Mental Examination, Examiner’s Report
Physical-Mental Injuries, Workers’ Compensation
Planned Unit Developments
Pooled Supplement Needs Trust
Possession, as Evidence of Security Agreement
Post Transaction Issues and Cross Border and Private Company Mergers, Overview
Post-Acquisition Stock and Asset Distribution
Post-Employment Compensation, Final Paycheck Laws
Post-Judgment Motion for Judgment as a Matter of Law
Powers of Administrator, Will Provision
Pre-Existing Condition, Allocation of Liability, Workers’ Compensation
Pre-Existing Conditions, Bad Faith and Health Insurance Portability, Overview
Pre-Nuptial Agreement, Property Division, Divorce
Pre-existing Condition, Aggravation of, Coverage by Worker’s Compensation
Pre-trial Disclosures, Civil Discovery
Predominant Purpose Test, Application of UCC to E-Commerce Transactions
Prescription Drugs, Covered by Medicare Advantage Plan
Preventive Services, Coverage by Medicare Part B
Price Quote, as Contract Offer
Primary Insurance Amount, Social Security Benefits
Principles of the Law of Software Contract, Uniform Law
Privacy Act, Federal Law, Fair Information Practices Under
Privacy, Places with no Reasonable Expectation of
Privacy, Right to, Application to Electronic Listening Device
Privacy, Right to, Application to Mobile Thermal Imager
Private Fee-For-Service, Medicare Advantage Plan
Private Necessity, Intentional Torts, Defenses
Privilege Against Self-Incrimination, Civil Discovery
Proceeds, from Sale of Secured Collateral, Deposit Accounts Holding
Proceeds, from Sale of Secured Collateral, Risk of Commingling
Product Liability, Defense, Contributory Negligence of User
Product Liability, Defense, Federal Preemption, Implied Preemption
Product Liability, Defense, Misuse, Foreseeability
Product Liability, Defense, Substantial Modification
Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act, Striking Down of
Programs for All-Inclusive Care for the Elderly (PACE)
Property Division, Difference from Alimony
Property Panic Selling
Property Rights, Inherent in Real Property Ownership
Protective Order in Civil Discovery, Motion for
Proxy Contest
Psychological Injuries, Workers’ Compensation
Public Domain, Work Created by US Government
Public Necessity, Intentional Torts, Defenses
Public Policy, as a Contract Defense
Publicly Traded Companies, Regulation of by SEC
Punitive Damages Fair Debt Collection Practices Act
Punitive Damages, for Breach of Contract
Punitive Damages, in Vicarious Liability Cases
Purchase Money Security Interest, Automatic Perfection of
Purchase Money Security Interest, Seller Takeback
Purchase Money Security Interest, Seller Takeback, Priority of
Purchase Money Security Interest, Third-Party Financing