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Magistrate, Power to Issue Warrant of
Mail Fraud
Marital Property, Division of
Marital Property, Intangible
Market Share Concentration, Anti-Trust Law
Marketplace, Ease of Entry by Competition Post-Merger
Marriage License, Requirement of
Marriage, Requirements of
Marriage, Same Sex, Legal Recognition of
Martha Stewart, Sentencing of
Mass Torts, Class Action, Relationship with Multidistrict Litigation
Masterpiece Cakeshop v. Colorado Civil Rights Commission
Matching, Systematic and Rational Allocations, Accounting
Material Breach of Contract
Material Breach of Contract Provision, Sample
Material Breach, of Contract
Materiality, Element of Insider Trading
Materiality, Element of Securities Fraud
Mediation, Associations, Boards and Programs
Medicaid Trust
Medicaid, Eligibility, Protected Assets
Medicaid, Five Year Lookback Period
Medical Malpractice, Commencing a Lawsuit, Overview
Medical Malpractice, Coverage under Worker’s Compensation
Medical Malpractice, Defenses, Assumption of Risk
Medical Malpractice, Defenses, Contributory Negligence
Medical Malpractice, Defenses, Good Samaritan Laws
Medical Malpractice, Defenses, Statute of Limitations
Medical Malpractice, Insurance Company, Conflicts of Interest
Medical Malpractice, Liability of Health Care Institutions, Overview
Medical Malpractice, Liability of Managed Care Organizations
Medical Malpractice, Locality Rule, Background
Medical Malpractice, Locality Rule, Modern Case Law
Medical Malpractice, Preparation for Filing Suit
Medicare Advantage Plan
Medicare Advantage Plan, Patient’s Costs
Medicare Advantage Plan, Timing of Joining and Leaving
Medicare Part D, Effect of Affordable Care Act
Medicare Part D, Enrollment Timing and Late Penalties
Medicare Part D, Joining, Switching and Dropping
Medicare, Deductibles, Copays and Premium
Medicare, Enrollment by Those Not Fully Eligible
Mental Health Parity and Addiction Equity Act
Mentally Disabled Defendant, Death Penalty Prohibition
Merger, Alternative to Imminent Failure of Company
Merger, Criminal Law Doctrine
Mergers and Acquisition, Role of Funders
Mergers and Acquisition, Role of Investment Banker
Mergers and Acquisition, Role of Lawyers and Accountants
Mergers and Acquisition, Role of Management Buyout Teams
Mergers and Acquisition, Role of Proxy Solicitors
Mergers and Acquisition, Role of Public Relations Firms
Mergers and Acquisition, Role of Regulators
Mergers and Acquisitions, Reasons for, Implementation of Financial or Operating Strategy
Mergers and Acquisitions, Reasons for, Market Diversification
Mergers and Acquisitions, Reasons for, Purchasing vs. Manufacturing
Mergers and Acquisitions, Reasons for, Strategic Assets
Mergers, Alternatives to, Corporate Restructuring
Mergers, Alternatives to, Internal Investment
Mergers, Alternatives to, Strategic Partnerships
Minimum Wage, Application to People Paid on Commission
Minimum Wage, Application to Tips
Minimum Wage, State and Local Law
Minors, Employment Contracts of
Minors, Torts Committed by
Misconduct, Attorney's Duty to Report
Misrepresentation, Ground for Will Challenge
Misrepresentation, Intentional
Misrepresentation, Negligent
Modification, of Bankruptcy Order
Monopolies, Caused by 19th Century Mergers
Mootness, Limit on Federal Jurisdiction
More Definite Statement, Motion for
Mortgage Deed
Mortgage Interest Rates
Mortgage Servicers, Requirements under Dodd-Frank
Mortgaged Property, Transfer of
Motion for Protective Order, Civil Discovery
Motion for Relief from Judgment, Grounds
Motion for Relief from Judgment, Overview
Motion to Dismiss, Application of Law
Motion to Dismiss, Introduction
Motion to Dismiss, Statement of Facts
Motion to Dismiss, Statement of Legal Standard
Motions, Rule 12 of Federal Rules of Civil Procedure
Multidistrict Litigation (MDL), Advantages of
Multidistrict Litigation (MDL), Appointment of Counsel
Multidistrict Litigation (MDL), Common Benefit Fund
Multidistrict Litigation (MDL), Discovery
Multidistrict Litigation (MDL), Motion to Transfer, Issues Considered
Multidistrict Litigation (MDL), Transfer of Case
Multidistrict Litigation, Settlement, Objection, Opting Out
Murder Defense, Defense of Dwelling
Murder, Premeditation
M’Naghten Rule, Insanity Defense