Research Index

LLC, Laws Affecting Governing Agreements
LLC, Taxation of
Labor Unions, as Tax Exempt Organizations
Labor-Management Reporting and Disclosure Act
Laches, Patent Infringement Defense
Landlord Liability, Furnished Short-Term Residences
Lawsuit, Class Action, Class Representative
Lawsuit, Class Action, Motion for Class Certification
Lawsuit, Class Action, Prerequisites
Lease, Mineral Rights on Public Land, Expression of Interest
Lease, Mineral Rights on Public Land, Permission for Extraction
Lease, Mineral Rights, Cessation of Production Clause
Lease, Mineral Rights, Differences From Other Leases
Lease, Mineral Rights, Implied Covenant for Further Development
Legal Research, Overview
Liability Limitation, Contract Provision, Sample
Liability Risk, Factor in Choosing a Business Entity
Liability, of Principal for Agent’s Action, Contract
Liability, of Principal for Agent’s Action, Torts
Life Estate, Pur Autre Vie
Life Insurance, Change of Beneficiaries
Life Insurance, Exclusion of Coverage for Suicide
Life Insurance, Types of Policies
Limitation of Liability, Contract Provision
Limitation of Liability, Contract Provision, Sample
Limited Liability Limited Partnership (LLLP)
Limited Liability Partnership, Formation
Limited Partner, Loss of Status or Protection
Loan Estimate, Mortgage
Loan-to-Value Ratio
Loss of Chance Doctrine, Medical Malpractice Cases
Loss of Earnings Capacity Approach, Permanent Partial Disability Benefits