Research Index

Identity Theft Assumption Deterrence Act of 1998
Identity Theft, Victim Recommendations
Illegal Immigrant Employees, Worker’s Compensation
Impairment Approach, Permanent Partial Disability Benefits
Impairment, Workers’ Compensation, Considerations
Impairment, Workers’ Compensation, Definition of
Implied Consent, Intentional Torts, Defense
Implied Warranty of Fitness for a Particular Purpose
Implied Warranty of Merchantability
Implied Warranty of Merchantability, Disclaimer of
Impracticability, as a Contract Defense
Incapacity, Mental, as a Contract Defense
Income Shares Model, Child Support
Incorporation, State of
Infancy, as a Criminal Defense
Initial Disclosures, Civil Discovery
Initial Public Offering (IPO), Post-Effective Period
Initial Public Offering (IPO), Pre-Filing Period
Initial Public Offering (IPO), Waiting Period
Injured Spouse Allocation
Injuries from Long Term Exposure, Coverage under Worker’s Compensation
Injuries to Multiple Body Parts, Workers’ Compensation
Insanity as a Criminal Defense, Overview
Insanity, as a Criminal Defense, Determing Legal Insanity
Inside-Outside Basis Parity, Corporation
Insider Trading Prohibition, Exception for some Insider Transactions
Insider Trading, Data Driven Investigations of
Insider Trading, Tipper-Tippee Liability
Insurable Interest Requirement, Assignment of Life Insurance Policy
Insurable Interest Requirement, Life Insurance
Insurance Claim Lawsuit, Time Limitation
Insurance Companies, Financial Viability
Insurance Companies, Minimum Capital Requirements
Insurance Contract, Principal Object Purpose Test
Insurance Coverage, Advertising Injury Provision
Insurance Coverage, Environmental Hazard Provisions
Intellectual Property Rights, Contract Clause
Intellectual Property Rights, Employment Contracts
Intellectual Property Rights, Employment Contracts, Sample
Intentional Infliction of Emotional Distress, Cyber Tort
Intentional Infliction of Emotional Distress, Requirement of Severe Emotional Distress
Interlocutory Appeal of Evidentiary Determination
International Law of Armed Conflict, Customary International Law
Internet Access, Taxation on, Bar by Federal Law
Internet False Identification Prevention Act of 2000
Interrogatories, Response by Referring to Documents
Intestate Estate, Administration of
Intestate Succession, No Surviving Spouse or Dependent
Intestate Succession, state variances from Uniform Probate Code
Intestate Succession, under Uniform Probate Code
Intoxication, as a Contract Defense
Intrastate Securities Offering, Exemption from Securities Registration
Invasion of Privacy, Intrusion Upon Seclusion
Invasion of Privacy, Misappropriation of Person’s Name or Likeness
Invasion of Privacy, Public Disclosure of Private Facts
Inventory Checker, Role of in Maintaining Security Interest