Research Index

FDA, Drug Promotion Regulation, Enforcement, Overview
Failure to Police, Loss of Trademark Protection by
Fair Credit Reporting Act, Extended Fraud Alert
Fair Credit Reporting Act, Fraud Alert
Fair Credit and Charge Card Disclosure Act of 1988
Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, Coverage
Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, Damages, Role of Intent
Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, Debt Collectors, Required Disclosures
Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, Prohibition and Limitations on Debt Collectors
Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, Unethical Practices by Debt Collectors
Fair Housing Act Complaint, Prohibition of Retaliation
Fair Housing Act Prohibition of Gender Discrimination, Source of Income
Fair Housing Act, Application to Government Entities
Fair Housing Act, Discriminatory Refusal to Sell Property
Fair Housing Act, Exemption for Religious Organizations
Fair Housing Act, Exemption for Single Family Homes Rented Without Broker
Fair Housing Act, Exemption for buildings with fewer than 5 units
Fair Housing Act, Mortgage Discrimination, Pattern and Practice Lawsuits
Fair Housing Act, Prohibition of Discrimination Based on National Origin
Fair Housing Act, Protected Status Under State Law
Fair Housing Act, Protection Against Sexual Harassment, Retaliation
Fair Housing Act, Rental Advertising, Discriminatory Language
Fair Labor Standards Act, Back Pay
Fair Labor Standards Act, Overtime
Fair Use, Material Not Previously Published
Fair Use, Trademark Infringement Defense
False Imprisonment, Crime of
False Imprisonment, Exception, Shopkeeper’s Privilege
False Imprisonment, Voluntary Consent Defense
Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act, Application to Nonprofit Organizations
Family Home, Medicaid Exemption
Family Resemblance Test, Determining Security Status
Fanciful, Significance in Trademark Law
Federal Diversity Jurisdiction, Application of State Law
Federal Employment Laws, Application to Businesses
Federal Financial Regulations, Application to Businesses
Federal Income Tax Form 1040, Required Information
Federal Income Tax Law of 1913
Federal Oil and Gas Royalty Simplification and Fairness Act of 1996
Federal Payment Offsets, to College Support Obligations
Federal Program Bribery, Definition of “Federal Program”
Federal Sentencing Guidelines
Federal Sentencing Guidelines, Application to Fraud and Theft Crimes
Fee Splitting, Attorneys, Limitations on
Fiduciary Duties, Element of Insider Trading
Fiduciary Duties, Roles in Insider Trading
Fiduciary Duties, Trustee
Financial Transaction, for Money Laundering purposes
Financing Statement, Consent of the Debtor to File
Financing Statement, Description of Collateral
Financing Statement, Role in Establishing Security Interest Priority
Financing Statement, Secured Transaction, Description
First Amendment, Anti-SLAPP Suit Laws
Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Guidance Documents
Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Regulations
Food and Drug Administration (FDA), History of
Forbearance, as Contract Consideration
Force Majeure, Contract Clause
Force Majeure, Contract Clause, Sample
Foreign Terrorist Organization, Court Challenge to Designation of
Foreign Terrorist, Prohibition from Entering United States
Forum Selection Clause, Online Agreement
Fourth Amendment, Application to Cell Phone Location
Fourth Amendment, Application to Cell Phone Records
Fourth Amendment, Plain View Doctrine
Fourth Amendment, Stop and Frisk Exception, Plain Feel Doctrine
Fraternal Organization, as Tax Exempt Organization
Fraud, Materiality Requirement
Fraudulent Transfers
Fraudulent Transfers, Constructive
Free Exercise Clause, Competing Interests
Free Exercise Clause, Religious and State Interests
Freedom to Contract
Fringe Benefits, Taxation of
Frustration of Purpose, Contract Defense
Full Faith and Credit Clause, Domestic Relations Law
Full Responsibility Rule, Aggravation of Pre-Existing Conditions, Workers’ Compensation