Research Index

Damages, Element of Securities Fraud
Damages, Fair Debt Collection Practices Act
Damages, in Vicarious Liability Cases
Data Request Litigation Response Plan, Analysis of E-Discovery Plan
Data Request Litigation Response Plan, Attorney and Company Leadership Meeting
Data Request Litigation Response Plan, Creating Response Team
Data Request Litigation Response Plan, Monitoring and Evaluating System
Data Request Litigation Response Plan, Response Procedures and Policies
Date of Last Exposure Rule, Statute of Limitations, Workers’ Compensation Claim
Deadly Force, Right to Use
Deceptive Advertising, Federal Trade Commission Enforcement
Decorum, Courtroom, Rules of
Defamation Defense, Marital Communication
Defamation, Defense, Legislative and Judicial Proceedings
Defamation, Qualified Privilege Defense
Defective Prescription Drugs and Medical Devices, Regulation and Law
Defense of Dwelling, Homicide Defense
Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA)
Defined Benefit Plan, Traditional Pension Plan
Department of Housing and Urban Development, Role in Housing Discrimination
Department of Justice, Securities Laws Enforcement by
Departure from Design Specification, Manufacturing Defect
Deportation and Removal, Individual Merit Hearing
Deportation and Removal, Master Calendar Hearing
Deposition, Used at Trial When Deponent Unavailable
Deposition, Used at Trial to impeach of contradict
Depreciation, Determination, Declining Balance Method
Depreciation, Determination, Modified Accelerated Cost Recovery System (MACRS)
Depreciation, Determination, Straight-Line Method
Depreciation, Determination, Sum-of-the-Years-Digit Method
Depreciation, Determination, Units of Production Method
Derivative Works (Copyrights), Infringement
Derivative Works (Copyrights), Registration
Descriptive Term, Trademark Law
Design Defect, Difference from Manufacturing Defect
Detainment, for Miranda Purposes
Direct-Action Statutes, Insurance Law
Directors, Nonprofit Organizations, Fiduciary Duties of
Disability Rating versus Impairment Rating
Disability Rating, Differences from Impairment Rating
Disaffirmance, Contract
Discharge, Denial of, Chapter 7 Bankruptcy
Discharge, Hardship, Chapter 13 Bankruptcy
Disclaimer, Qualified
Disclosure Reports, under Securities Exchange Act
Disclosures, Website, Responsibilities of Website Owner
Disclosures, Website, “Clear and Conspicuous” Requirement
Discovery Rule, Statute of Limitations, Workers’ Compensation Claim
Discovery, Initial Conference and Plan
Discrimination, Racial, Reason to Revoke Tax-Exempt Status
Disease, Natural and Unavoidable, Workers’ Compensation
Diseases, Coverage under Worker’s Compensation
Disgorgement of Profits, Remedy for Insider trading
Disparagement Clause, Copyright Law, Striking Down of
Disparate Impact and Disparate Treatment, Religious Discrimination
Disposal of Personal Property, Will Provision
Distributive Shares, Substantial Economic Effect Rule
Dividends, Corporate
Dividends, Corporate, Taxation of
Dividends, Non-Qualified
Dividends, Tests to Determine Whether They Can be Paid
Doctor-Patient Privilege, in Civil Discovery
Doctrine of Equivalents, Patent Law
Domestic Asset Protection Trust
Domestic Relations Law, Scope
Domestic Relations Orders, Application to Non-Citizens
Domestic Relations Orders, Enforcement of
Donative Promise, Enforceability of
Donut-hole, Medicare Part D
Drug Approval Process, Post Marketing Surveillance
Drug Pricing, Factors Considered by Drug Makers
Drug Pricing, Federal Trade Commission (FTC) Regulation of
Drug Pricing, Profit and Public Interest
Drug Pricing, Turing Pharmaceuticals and Daraprim
Drug Testing, Investigational New Drug (IND)
Drug Testing, Non-Clinical Phase
Due Process, Notice and Hearing Requirement
Due on Transfer Clause
Durable Medical Equipment, Coverage by Medicare
Durham Rule, Insanity Defense
Duty of Care, Breach, Expert Witness
Duty of Care, Breach, Medical Malpractice
Duty of Care, Doctor-Patient Relationship, Limitations of
Duty of Care, Informed Consent, Exceptions to
Duty of Care, Informed Consent, Professional Standard Test
Duty of Care, Informed Consent, Reasonable Patient Standard
Duty of Care, Reasonable Person Standard
Duty of Care, Third Parties, Communicable Diseases
Duty of Full Disclosure, Partnerships
Duty of Good Faith and Fair Dealing, Corporations
Duty of Good Faith and Fair Dealing, Partnerships
Duty to Cooperate, Insured, in Insurance Investigations
Duty to Defend, Insurer Reservation of Rights
Duty to Warn Physicians, Product Liability, Prescription Drugs
Duty to Warn, Prescription Drugs And Medical Devices
Duty to Warn, Product Liability
Duty to Warn, Product Liability, Cigarettes
Duty to Warn, Product Liability, Inadequate Warning
Duty to Warn, Product Liability, Knowledge of Substantial Risk
Duty to Warn, Product Liability, Misuse
Duty to Warn, Product Liability, Obvious Danger Exception
Duty to Warn, Product Liability, Post-Sale
Duty to Warn, Psychiatrists, to Third Parties
Duty, Element of Negligence