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Back Injury, Coverage under Worker’s Compensation
Bankruptcy Filing, Effect on Repossession
Bankruptcy Law, Constitutional Foundation
Bankruptcy Law, Difference from Debtor-Creditor Law
Bankruptcy Petition, Filing Documentation Requirements
Bankruptcy Petition, Skeleton Filing
Bankruptcy, Application of State and Federal Laws
Bankruptcy, Conversion of Case to Other Bankruptcy Code Chapters
Bankruptcy, Insurance Companies Ineligible for Protection
Bankruptcy, Statistics on Bankruptcy Filings
Benefits for Scheduled Injuries, Formula
Best Alternative to a Negotiated Agreement (BATNA)
Best Interests of the Child Standard, Factors Considered
Binder, Real Estate Transaction
Board of Directors, Public Corporation
Body Part Loss, Workers’ Compensation
Bona-Fide Occupational Qualification, Age Discrimination Actions
Bond, Requirement for Fiduciary
Breach of Contract, Material, E-Commerce Transaction
Breach of Duty by Multiple Caregivers, Intervening and Superseding Cause
Breach of Duty, Remedies, Partnerships
Breach of Duty, Single Injury Caused by Multiple Caregivers
Breach of Peace, Liability for (in Repossession)
Breach of Real Estate Sales Contract, Seller’s Remedies
Breach of Warranty Claim, Parties
Breach of Warranty, Defense, Disclaimer
Breach of Warranty, Defense, Notice
Breach of Warranty, Seller’s Liability
Breech of Employment Contract, Employee Remedies
Breech of Employment Contract, Employer Remedies
Bribery, Interference with Commerce
Brokers, Real Estate
Burden of Proof, Clear and Convincing Evidence
Burglary, Model Penal Code, Overview
Burglary, States Approach, Post Model Penal Code
Business Governing Agreement, Amending Agreement
Business Governing Agreement, Amount of Detail Needed
Business Governing Agreement, Common Problems
Business Governing Agreement, Dissolution of Company
Business Governing Agreement, Financial Affairs Requirements
Business Governing Agreement, Imprecise Provision, Example
Business Governing Agreement, Membership Section, Description of Member Duties
Business Governing Agreement, Membership Section, Description of Member Rights
Business Governing Agreement, Missing Provision Example Partial Share Scrip
Business Governing Agreement, Missing Provision Example, Shareholder Meeting Venue
Business Governing Agreement, Officers Section
Business Governing Agreement, Organizational Information
Business Governing Agreement, Provision in Wrong Document
Business Governing Agreement, Record Keeping Requirements
Business Governing Agreement, Too Narrow in Scope
Business Governing Agreement, Too Narrow in Scope, Example
Business Governing Agreement, Use of Boilerplate Template, Advantages
Business Governing Agreement, Use of Boilerplate Template, Disadvantages
Business Governing Agreement, Use of Boilerplate Template, Overview
Business Governing Agreement, Written Agreement, Preparation
Business Governing Agreements, Provisions Restricting Shareholder Lawsuits
Business Governing Agreements, Accessibility to Banks and Businesses
Business Governing Agreements, Duties of Parties to Each Other, Overview
Business Governing Agreements, Effect of State Law, Overview
Business Governing Agreements, Inclusion of Member Section
Business Governing Agreements, Indemnification and Ratification Provisions
Business Governing Agreements, Member Section, Requirements
Business Governing Agreements, Minimum Party Numerical Thresholds
Business Governing Agreements, Protection Against Liability
Business Governing Agreements, Provisions Reducing Liability, Overview
Business Governing Agreements, Statement of Organizational Purpose
Business Governing Agreements, Written Agreement, Purpose
Buyer in the Ordinary Course, Automatic Perfection of Security Interest
Bylaws, Corporate