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Back Injury, Coverage under Worker’s Compensation
Balance Sheet, Income Statement, Relationship
Bankruptcy Filing, Effect on Repossession
Bankruptcy Law, Constitutional Foundation
Bankruptcy Petition, Skeleton Filing
Bankruptcy, Application of State and Federal Laws
Bankruptcy, Chapter 13, Confirmation of Plan
Bankruptcy, Chapter 13, Creditor Meeting
Bankruptcy, Chapter 7, Asset Distribution
Bankruptcy, Insurance Companies Ineligible for Protection
Bankruptcy, Statistics on Bankruptcy Filings
Best Alternative to a Negotiated Agreement (BATNA)
Binder, Real Estate Transaction
Blackmail, Difference from Other Theft Crimes
Board of Directors, Nonprofit Organization
Board of Directors, Public Corporation
Body Part Loss, Workers’ Compensation
Bona-Fide Occupational Qualification, Age Discrimination Actions
Bond, Requirement for Fiduciary
Breach of Contract, Material, E-Commerce Transaction
Breach of Contract, Minor
Breach of Duty, Remedies, Partnerships
Breach of Peace, Liability for (in Repossession)
Bribery, Interference with Commerce
Burden of Proof, Clear and Convincing Evidence
Bureau of Land Management, Regulation of Federal Mineral Estates
Business Governing Agreement, Amendment of
Business Governing Agreement, Dissolution of Company
Business Governing Agreement, Financial Affairs
Business Governing Agreement, Member Rights
Business Governing Agreement, Officers Section
Business Governing Agreement, Organizational Information
Business Governing Agreement, Record Keeping Requirements
Business Governing Agreements, Provisions Restricting Shareholder Lawsuits
Business Governing Agreements, Indemnification and Ratification Provisions
Business Governing Agreements, Member Section, Requirements
Business Governing Agreements, Membership Section
Business Governing Agreements, Minimum Party Numerical Thresholds
Business Governing Agreements, Protection Against Liability
Business Governing Agreements, Provisions Reducing Liability, Overview
Business Governing Agreements, Statement of Organizational Purpose
Business Judgment Rule, Presumption of Applicability
Business League, as Tax Exempt Organization
Business Transactions, with Judge, Limitations on
Buyer in the Ordinary Course, Automatic Perfection of Security Interest
Bylaws, Corporate