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Acceleration Clause, Mortgage
Accidental Injury, Worker’s Compensation
Adhesion Contracts
Administrator, Estate, Appointment of
Administrator, Estate, Qualifications
Administrator, Estate, Roles
Administrator, under Will
Admissibility, Online Chats and Instant Messages
Adverse Claims to Real Property
Affordable Care Act, Supreme Court Case
After-Acquired Property Clause, Security Agreement
Agent, Real Estate
Aggravation of Pre-Existing Condition, Evidence Required
Aggravation of Pre-Existing Condition, Worker’s Compensation
Aggravation of Pre-Existing Conditions, Workers’ Compensation
Alimony Pendente Lite
Alimony in Gross
Alimony, Difference from Property Division
Alternative Dispute Resolution Clause, Binding
Alternative Dispute Resolution Clause, Capacity
Alternative Dispute Resolution Clause, Disputes
Alternative Dispute Resolution Clause, Enforceability
Alternative Dispute Resolution Clause, Motion for Enforcement
Alternative Dispute Resolution Clause, Purpose
Alternative Dispute Resolution Clause, Requirement of Clear, Unambiguous Language
Alternative Dispute Resolution, Consent of Parties
Alternative Dispute Resolution, Copyright Enforcement
Alternative Dispute Resolution, Enforcement of Resolution
Alternative Dispute Resolution, Multi-Layered Clause
Alternative Dispute Resolutions, Benefits to Court System
Ambulatory Surgical Centers, Coverage by Medicare
Amendments, Contract Clause
Apportionment of Liability, Aggravation of Pre-Existing Conditions, Workers’ Compensation
Arbitration Agreement, Choosing an Arbitrator
Arbitration, Vacating Arbitrator Award
Arising from Employment, Injury, for Worker’s Compensation
Arrearage Offset Payments, to Enforce Support Orders
Asset Protection Trust
Assignment and Subcontracting Contract Clause, Sample
Assignment and Subcontracting, Contract Clause
Attorney-Client Privilege, in Civil Discovery
Automatic Stay, Bankruptcy, Application to Secured Property
Automatic Stay, Objections and Termination
Average Indexed Monthly Earnings, Social Security Benefits
Average Weekly Wage, Calculation of
Average Weekly Wage, Role in Determining Workers’ Compensation Benefits
Average Weekly Wage, Workers’ Compensation Benefits
Back Injury, Coverage under Worker’s Compensation
Bankruptcy Filing, Effect on Repossession
Bankruptcy Law, Constitutional Foundation
Bankruptcy Law, Difference from Debtor-Creditor Law
Bankruptcy Petition, Filing Documentation Requirements
Bankruptcy Petition, Skeleton Filing
Bankruptcy, Application of State and Federal Laws
Bankruptcy, Conversion of Case to Other Bankruptcy Code Chapters
Bankruptcy, Statistics on Bankruptcy Filings
Benefits for Scheduled Injuries, Formula
Best Interests of the Child Standard, Factors Considered
Binder, Real Estate Transaction
Board of Directors, Public Corporation
Body Part Loss, Workers’ Compensation
Bona-Fide Occupational Qualification, Age Discrimination Actions
Bond, Requirement for Fiduciary
Breach of Contract, Material, E-Commerce Transaction
Breach of Duty, Remedies, Partnerships
Breach of Peace, Liability for (in Repossession)
Breach of Real Estate Sales Contract, Seller’s Remedies
Bribery, Interference with Commerce
Brokers, Real Estate
Burden of Proof, Clear and Convincing Evidence
Burden of Proof, Preponderence of the Evidence
Business Governing Agreement, Amending Agreement
Business Governing Agreement, Amount of Detail Needed
Business Governing Agreement, Common Problems
Business Governing Agreement, Dissolution of Company
Business Governing Agreement, Financial Affairs Requirements
Business Governing Agreement, Imprecise Provision, Example
Business Governing Agreement, Membership Section, Description of Member Duties
Business Governing Agreement, Membership Section, Description of Member Rights
Business Governing Agreement, Missing Provision Example Partial Share Scrip
Business Governing Agreement, Missing Provision Example, Shareholder Meeting Venue
Business Governing Agreement, Officers Section
Business Governing Agreement, Organizational Information
Business Governing Agreement, Provision in Wrong Document
Business Governing Agreement, Record Keeping Requirements
Business Governing Agreement, Too Narrow in Scope
Business Governing Agreement, Too Narrow in Scope, Example
Business Governing Agreement, Use of Boilerplate Template, Advantages
Business Governing Agreement, Use of Boilerplate Template, Disadvantages
Business Governing Agreement, Use of Boilerplate Template, Overview
Business Governing Agreement, Written Agreement, Preparation
Business Governing Agreements, Provisions Restricting Shareholder Lawsuits
Business Governing Agreements, Accessibility to Banks and Businesses
Business Governing Agreements, Avoiding Management Problems
Business Governing Agreements, Duties of Parties to Each Other, Overview
Business Governing Agreements, Effect of State Law, Overview
Business Governing Agreements, Inclusion of Member Section
Business Governing Agreements, Indemnification and Ratification Provisions
Business Governing Agreements, Member Section, Requirements
Business Governing Agreements, Minimum Party Numerical Thresholds
Business Governing Agreements, Protection Against Liability
Business Governing Agreements, Provisions Reducing Liability, Overview
Business Governing Agreements, Statement of Organizational Purpose
Business Governing Agreements, Written Agreement, Purpose
Buyer in the Ordinary Course, Automatic Perfection of Security Interest
Bylaws, Corporate
Calculation of Benefits, Non-Scheduled Injuries, Workers’ Compensation
Capitalization, Factor in Choosing a Business Entity
Carryover Cost Basis
Causation Requirement, Negligence Actions
Causation, Element of Securities Fraud
Causation, Vicarious Liability for Negligent Hiring
Cease and Desist Letter, Copyright Enforcement
Certification if Produced Documents, Discovery
Changed Circumstances, as a Contract Defense
Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Reorganization Plan, Overview
Chapter 11 Bankruptcy, Corporate Shareholder, Shielded from Liability
Chapter 11 Bankruptcy, Corporate Stockholder, Shielded From Laibility
Chapter 11 Bankruptcy, Determination of Claims
Chapter 11 Bankruptcy, Fiduciary Duty of Debtor
Chapter 11 Bankruptcy, Limitations on Filing
Chapter 11 Bankruptcy, Motions by Creditors
Chapter 11 Bankruptcy, Partnership Liability
Chapter 11 Bankruptcy, Qualification to File
Chapter 11 Bankruptcy, Sole Proprietor, Liability
Chapter 11, Bankruptcy Reorganiztion Plan, Approval
Chapter 13 Bankruptcy, Confirmation of Repayment Plan
Chapter 13 Bankruptcy, Filing Requirements
Chapter 13 Bankruptcy, Repayment Plan, Determination of Time Frame
Chapter 13 Bankruptcy, Repayment Plan, Overview
Chapter 13 Bankruptcy, Role of the Trustee
Chapter 13, Bankruptcy, Meeting of Creditors and Debtor
Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Denial of Discharge
Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Federal Property Exemptions
Chapter 7 Bankruptcy State Property Exemptions
Chapter 7 Bankruptcy, Actions by Creditor Against Business
Chapter 7 Bankruptcy, Creation of Bankruptcy Estate
Chapter 7 Bankruptcy, Debts that Can't Be Discharged
Chapter 7 Bankruptcy, Filing by Business
Chapter 7 Bankruptcy, Limitations on Filing
Chapter 7 Bankruptcy, Reaffirmation of Debt
Chapter 7 Bankruptcy, Role of the Trustee
Chapter 7 Bankruptcy, Types of Creditor Claims
Child Custody, History, Maternal Preference
Child Custody, History, Paternal Preference
Child Custody, Parent Circumstances, Daycare
Child Custody, Parent Circumstances, Disability
Child Custody, Parent Circumstances, Overview
Child Custody, Parent Circumstances, Race
Child Custody, Parent Circumstances, Religion
Child Custody, Parent Circumstances, Sexual Conduct
Child Custody, Parent Circumstances, Wealth
Child Custody, Primary Caretaker Presumption
Child Support Amounts, Determining
Child Support Recovery Act
Child Support, After Age of Majority
Child Support, In-Kind Contributions
Child Support, Modification Due to Change of Circumstances
Child Support, Termination Grounds
Child Visitation Rights, Factors Considered by Courts, Child’s Wishes
Child Visitation Rights, Factors Considered by Courts, Emotional Harm
Child Visitation Rights, Factors Considered by Courts, Incarceration
Child Visitation Rights, Factors Considered by Courts, Overview
Child Visitation Rights, Factors Considered by Courts, Physical Violence or Abuse
Child Visitation Rights, Factors Considered by Courts, Substance Abuse
Child Visitation Rights, Grandparent and Third-Party Visitation
Child Visitation Rights, Restrictions and Constraints
Child Visitation Rights, Unstructured Visitation
Choice of Law Provision, Online Agreement
Chronic Care Management Services, Coverage by Medicare
Civil Appeal, Transmission of Record Filing Requirements
Civil Discovery, Frequency and Duration
Civil Rights History, Post-Civil War Constitutional Amendments
Civil Rights, Judicial Scrutiny Intermediate Level Scrutiny
Civil Rights, Judicial Scrutiny, Rational Basis Review.
Civil Rights, Judicial Scrutiny, Strict Scrutiny
Civil Trial, Burden of Proof, Overview
Civil Trial, Pre-Trial Dismissal of Case
Classes of Stock
Clean Air Act, Existing Stationary Source of Air Pollution, Emissions Standards
Clean Air Act, New Stationary Source of Air Pollution, Emissions Standards
Clean Power Plan, Regulation of Coal Power Plant Emissions
Clean Water Act, Protections and Water Quality Standards
Clergy-Penitent Privilege, in Civil Discovery
Click-wrap Agreements, Enforceability of
Closing Disclosure, Mortgage
Collateral, Tangible
Collections Contract Provision, sample
Collections, Contract Provision
Community Constitution, Covenants Running with Land, Common Community Interest Regulations
Community Interest Property, Condominiums, Planned Communities, Homeowners’ Association (HOA), Timeshare
Community Property Interests
Compilation, Collective Work, Copyright Protection
Complex Trust
Compliance Clause, Contract
Compliance Clause, Contract, Sample
Components of Crime, Actus Reus
Components of Crime, Concurrence of Guilty Act and Guilty Mind
Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation, and Liability Act
Computer Software Copyright, Sale or License
Condominium Association Bylaws
Condominium Board Elections, Condominium Board Voting
Condominium Builder, Condominium Usage Regulations
Condominium Governance, Regulation of Condominiums, Mortgage Prioritization
Condominium Usage Regulations, Enforcement of Condominium Provisions
Conflict of Interest Contract Provision, Sample
Conflict of Interest, Contract Provision
Consent, as a Criminal Defense
Consequential Damages, for Breach of Contract
Consideration, Contract Law Doctrine
Consideration, Mutuality of
Constitutional Prohibition of Ex Post Facto Laws
Constitutional Prohibition of Cruel and Unusual Punishment
Constitutional Prohibition of Punishing a Status
Constitutional Prohibition of Retroactive Laws
Constitutional Requirement That Criminal Statute Must be Clear
Constructive Trust
Consumer Financial Protection Bureau
Consumer Financial Protection Bureau Enforcement of Equal Credit Opportunity Act
Consumer Protection Laws Affecting Community Property Interests
Consumer Protection Laws Affecting Timeshares, Right to Cancellation of Timeshare Purchase
Contract Acceptance, by Silence
Contract Attachment, Scheduled and Exhibits Clause, Sample
Contract Clause, Alternative Dispute Resolution
Contract Consideration, Forbearance
Contract Drafting, Rule of Construction Against Drafter
Contract Exhibits, Enforceability of
Contract Negotiation, Assessing Bargaining Strength
Contract Negotiation, Initial Written Proposals
Contract Negotiation, Steps
Contract Negotiations, Collaborative and Competitive
Contract Negotiations, Due Diligence after Negotiations
Contract Negotiations, Notetaking and Recording
Contract Schedules, Enforceability of
Contract, Entered into by Minors
Contract, Option
Contract, Real Estate Sale
Contract, Requirements
Contracts, Objective Theory of
Control, as Evidence of Security Agreement
Controlling the Assault of Non-Solicited Pornography and Marketing Act of 2003
Copyright Act of 1976, Application to Computer Programs
Copyright Infringement, Claim by Licensee
Copyright Infringement, Criminal Penalties
Copyright Infringement, Liability of Internet Service Providers
Copyright Infringement, Proof of Ownership
Copyright Infringement, Proof of Valid Copyright
Copyright Infringement, Statute of Limitations
Copyright Infringement, Violation of Rights
Copyright Infringement, Writ of Seizure
Copyright, Identification of Protectable Work
Copyright, Transfer of (Assignments and Licenses), Agreement Requirements
Copyright, Transfer of (Assignments and Licenses), Community Property
Copyrighting Computer Software Programs
Corporate Bylaws, Model Business Corporation Act, Bylaw Requirements
Corporate Bylaws, Model Business Corporation Act, Committees
Corporate Bylaws, Model Business Corporation Act, Director Qualifications
Corporate Bylaws, Model Business Corporation Act, Director Removals and Vacancies
Corporate Bylaws, Model Business Corporation Act, Meeting Requirements
Corporate Bylaws, Model Business Corporation Act, Notice Requirements,
Corporate Bylaws, Model Business Corporation Act, Overview
Corporate Bylaws, Model Business Corporation Act, Quorum Requirements
Corporate Bylaws, Model Business Corporation Act, Voting Rights and Procedures
Corporate Executives, Prosecution of
Corporation, Criminal Prosecution of
Cost Basis, Date of Death Value
Costs of Formation, Factor in Choosing a Business Entity
Counterparts, Contract Provision
Counterparts, Contract Provision, Sample
Counterterrorism Policy, Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe
Counterterrorism Policy, Organization of American States
Counterterrorism Strategy, United Nations, General Assembly
Counterterrorism, International Cooperation, Criminal Investigation
Court Ordered and Contractual Power of Sale Foreclosures
Coverage Gap, Medicare Part D
Covered Drugs, Medicare Part D
Credit Information Furnishers, RIghts and Duties
Credit Reporting Agency, Duty to Distribute Consumer Report
Credit Reporting Agency, Duty to Ensure Accuracy
Creditable Prescription Drug Coverage, Medicare Part D
Criminal Attempt, Abandonment Defense
Criminal Attempt, Impossibility Defense
Criminal Attempt, Specific Attempt Requirement
Criminal Attempt, Substantial Steps Test
Criminal Law, Assisting in Committing Crimes
Criminal Law, Federal Government’s Role in
Criminal Law, Overview, Reasons for Punishing Crime
Criminal Liability, Parents, for Children’s Actions
Crowdfunding, Exemption from Securities Registration
Crummey Right of Withdrawal
Custody Agreement, Enforcement, Civil Contempt Hearing
Custody Agreement, Modification, Motion to Modify Original Order
Cybercrime, Computer is Instrument of Crime